Over 320 species of birds including black – necked stork, saras crane, Ospray, Great white pelican, bar-headed and graylag geese, painted snipe, bonelli’s eagle, collared scops owl, paradise fly catcher, long tailed and small minivet, red throated flycatcher, bluethroat, black – throated thrush, golden oriole, plum-headed parakeet, buntings, waqtails, stolilckas bushchat, cream coloured courser and lesser kestrel. The duy
floats south of the park and important wintering grounds for several species of larks and wheateans and breeding areas for the Indian courser, yellow-wattled lapwing
and chest nut – bellied sand grouse animals include Nilgai, jackal, monitor lizard jungle cat, small indian mongoose, black – maped hare indian flapshell turtle and checkered keelback; round is species of butter flies can be seen.