Sultanpur National Park & Bird Sanctuary is located in Gurgaon, which is 50 km from Delhi. This park is famous for bird watchers & is best suited during winters, when a large number of migratory birds come here.

This national park was identified by Peter Jackson, International Cat Specialist and honorary secretary of Delhi Bird Watchers Society, Founder of the society in 1970 wrote to Indira Gandhi about the need to declare the Sultanpur Jheel a Bird Sanctuary and she requested to take him there. She then told the chief minister of Haryana to protect the jheel and in 1972 the Sultanpur Bird Reserve was established on July 13th 1989 the reserve was upgraded to a national Park.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Today its a most popular picnic spot among Delhi residents especially during winters
Sponsored Links thousands of birds descend upon this park from all across the Globe. It has a children’s Park within it.

The entry gate of the park is to the left off the main Gurgaon – Farukhnagar district road, 3 Km from Chandu Village. The parking facility is near the entry gate which leads both to the Sanctuary and the Rosy pelican TRH. The complex also houses the forests department office. A circular road starting from the entrance point encircles the sanctuary area, several watchtowers mark this path. A museum, an interpretation centre and a library are located at the entrance, across from which is the ticket booth.