Herbaceous and Shrub growth dominates here. The main woody species is Juniper which has become almost extinct in the park area. Shrubs which are of the dry alpine variety include wild rose, sea buckthorn and juniper. There is remarkable variety in the herbaceous vegetation with columbine, kingcup potential and primula being the dominant species. Around 400 plant species are said to thrive in the area, among them many verities of medicinal plants. In summer wild flowers create a riot  of colors in some areas. The glacial heights of Pin Valley National Park are devoid of vegetation.

With its snow laden unexplored higher reaches and slopes  the park forms a natural habitat for a natural habitat for a number of endangered animals including the snow leopard and Siberian Ibex. The incidence of grazing of goats, sheep’s, yaks and other domestic animals in Pin Valley National Park is a matter of deep concern. in the prevailing climatic conditions the rearing of these animals is indispensable.

Along with animals rare birds like the Himalayan Snowcock, Chukar, Snow Partridge and the snow finch also flourish in the area.