The Great Himalayan National Park is spread over an an area of 1,171 Sq Km that lies between the altitude’s of 1500 to 6000 metres.

The Great Himalayan N.P consists of the watersheds of jiwa, sainj and the Tithan rivers all tributaries of the beas . It is naturally protected on its eastern boundaries by the Great Himalayan range and on the southern and northern boundaries by areas under snow. The boundaries of National Park contiguous with the Pin Valley National Park, in the trans – Himalaya, The rupi – Bhaba Wildlife sanctuary in the Sutlrj watershed, and the kanowar Wildlife Sanctuary. Great Himalayan national park has four main entry points : Gudhaini  (about 34 Km from atut) is the road ahead for trekking in the tirthan vally neuli (40 Km from aut) is where trekking trails in the Sainj valley start while Siund village (30 Km from aut) is the starting point for treks in the Tiwanal vally and bardhaini (on the north – eastern fringe of the park) is the starting point for treks up to mantalai and the Pin – Parvati Pass. The Sai Ropa range office just 5 Km before Gushaini issues entry permits for the park

In the Sanj valley, there is an inspection hut at lapahand two more range offices one at Larje and another at Sainj.

Himalayan National Park

 Time To Visit The Great Himalayan National Park is open throughout the year. April – May is the best time to visit. By this time the snow melts and the ground is clearof the grass that makes climbing difficult, September To mid November is also a good time to visit the park. The Monsoon rain and the winter snow make trekking fairly difficult but its only in winters that animals like the Snow Leopard and tahu descend from higher altitudes.

  STD Code: 01902

  State: Himachal Pradesh

GHNP is hotter during the summer and receives more rains in monsoon season, quite contrary to the climate condition prevailing in the upper beas region of Himachal Pradesh. Also during winters there is less snowfall making the climate more like other places of Himachal Pradesh like Shimla or Solan.

   Saini Vally Trek
 Saini – tirthan Vally Trek
 Jiwa Nala to parvati river vally
 Tirath tirthan vally trek

Society for scientific advancements of hills and rural areas is a nongovernmental organization formed to address the economic needs of the poor people living  in the rural areas adjacent to GHNP. The administration of the Indian Park Service and that of GHNP in particularly have been very supportive of and work closely with S.A.H.A.R.A. It walks in the area, hires out tents , sleeping bags and utensils. They camn also arrange guides and porters for tourists.