Hemis National Park covers an area of 600 sq. kms. & is nearby Leh a  district Of Jammu & Kashmir.

Hemis National Park is spread across both banks of the Hanskar river, the hemis altitude Hemis National Park lies in the handkar range of the great Himalayan in eastern ladakh, on the west bank of the Indus.

Hemis National Park is in Jammu & Kashmir State.

Hemis National Park is 45 Km south of Leh

There are four entry points to Hemis National Park. there are: Martselang i.e to the south east of the park which is 45 Km from Leh, chilling i.e to the North-West and is 60 Km from Leh, Third is Stok to the north and is 13 Km from Leh and the last is zingchan again to the north and is 25 Km from Leh.

 Time To Visit:
Hemis National Park is open through the year; middle of juneto middle of october is a good time for trekking but for real wildlife enthusiasts winters is the best time. there are more chances of sighting a snow leopard in the snow, when the animals comes down to the vally’s. From November to may, you need a permit from the wildlife office in leh to enter the park.

 STD Codes:
— Leh – 01982
— Srinagar – 0194