Hemis National Park is named with the blessings from the famous “Hemis Monastery”. (after which the park was named).

Hemis National Park was declared a high altitude national park in 1981, Hemis National Park became India’s first national park to be  established  north of the main Himalayas range. With an area of 3,350 Sq. Km its not easy to cover all of this Trans-Himalayan park, dotted with villages. A census conducted by the wildlife department in 2004-2005 put the human population in the park at 784 whereas livestock at 4,151.

The terrain surroundings Hemis National Park is rocky and thin soil cover supports a poor vegetative growth. Dry alpine pastures are present in sheltered locations and the grass growth is relatively rapid during the summer season.

Hemis National Park is a home to the snow leopard, Hemis is also the habitat of lynx.