Dachigam National Park is home to an impressive location for Himalayan Flora and Fauna, its uniqueness lies in between the endangered hangul, the only species of
red deer to be found in India. related to the red deer of Europe, the hamgul is characterized by its white rump patch and impressive of antlers other than this animal some of the other species that inhabits Dachigam National Park interior are Deer, Leopards, Himalayan gray langur, leopard cats, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan brown bear, Jackals, Hill Fox, Himalayan weasel yellow throated Martens, Jungle Cats, Long – tailed Marmts and others.
Just like the Dachigam National Park itself the bird life also changes to a large extent with the change in season. Some of the main bird species found here are cinnamon sparrows, black bulbuls, Himalayan manals golden orioles, Minivets, Pygmy owlets, woodpeckers, babblers, redstarts, wagtails, koklass, pheasants, choughs, orange bullfinch, Kashmir flycatcher, tytler’s leaf warbler, streaked laughing thrushes, Himalayan ruby throats, wall creepers, black and yellow grosbeaks, Himalayan griffons, bearded vultures, red – billed blue magpies and tips.