Umaid Bhavan

 History Of Udaipur
Udaipru use to be the capital of the rajput kingdom of mewar,this was ruled by the ranawats of the sisodia clan.udaipur was founded by rana udai singh.the ancient capital of mewar was chittor(chittorgarh) located on the banas river i.e northeast of udaipur.people say that maharana udai singh came upon a hermit while hunting in the foothills of aravalli range.the king was blessed by thehermit and asked him to build a palace on the spot and it would be well protected.udai singh established a residence over 1568 the mughal emperor akbar captured chittor,and udai singh shifted the capital to the site of his residence,which became the city of the mughal empire weakend,the sisodia ranas and later maharanas reasserted their independence and recaptured most part of mewar expect the govt. of chittor.udaopur remained the capital of the state and later on became a princely state of british India in 1947 after independence,the maharaja of udaipur accededto the govt.of India,and mewar was integrated into indias rajasthan state.