Udaipur Lake

 Some Facts About Udaipur:
 State Rajasthan
 Area 37 sq km.
 Population 3, 07,000 (approximately)
 Climate Summer the max temperature is 38.3º C where as min. 28.8º C. But in winter max temperature 28.3º C where as min. 11.6º C. rainfall is recorded up to 61 cms.
 Language Hindi, English, Mewari
 Religion Hindu, Muslim.
 Clothing Summer light tropical and in winters light woolen.
 STD Code 0294
Udaipur rests in the shadows of the Aravalli mountains, 113km southwest of Chittaurgarh. The Old City curves along the northeastern bank of Lake Plchhola; the New City expands to the north, east, and south. Most budget travelers base themselves in the area of the Old City around Jagdish Mandir and Bhatlyanl Chohotta (BC), a stone’s throw from Udaipur’s two most famous monuments, the City Palace and Lake palace. The train and bus station areon the eastside of town, far beyond walking distance from the main accomodation area. the four main entrance to the old city are – Udai Pol, Suraj Pol, Delhi Pol, abd the Hathi Pol – serve as majorlandmarks. Chetak Circles beyond hathi Pol, is home to the GPO. Bapu Bazaar aqnd Bara Bazaar, which intersects at suraj pol are twomajor shopping streets.