Rajasthan, better known as the land of the kings in India is the most colorful state of India with its majestic forts and palaces, will dazzle every tourist with whimsical charm, golden deserts. There are plenty of historic cities, incredible fortresses, breathtaking palaces that’s attracts visitors from all parts of the world. Rajasthan is one of India’s prime tourist destinations. This diverse state is the home to rajputs who ruled this part of India for over 1000 years.

There are many places in Rajasthan that attracts travelers form far and wide, such as pushkar fair (biggest cattle fair india) and the desert city of jaisalmer. Jaipur (also known as ‘pink city’) is most popular city in Rajasthan and can dazzle a tourist with forts and places like hawa mahal, city palace, nahargarh fort. Rajasthan is a very rich state in history and monumental splendor.

Rajasthan is famous for its land of Rajputs or in other words as the land of kings (Raothan or Rajasthan). But we cannot forget that Rajasthan is the longest state in india in terms of area – the Aravillis forming its middle rib separate two absolutely distinct geographical homes. On the west and north-west of the Aravillis is the Thar or the greater Marwar, the desert where it is mostly level country. Rajasthan rainfall does not exceed 254 mm. vegetation is thorny and stunted and open scrub and sand and sand dunes abound. Rajasthan state capital is Jaipur. To the south and south-east of the Aravillis, Rill-spurs, slope down towards tablelands scared by valleys. The rainfall rises to 508 mm and above. Tree clusters merge into true jungle and rock and alluvium alternate

Rajasthan has most number of heritage hotels and palaces in India. The most renowned are udaipur’s beautiful lake palace hotel and shiv niwas palace hotel, jaipur’s rambagh palace and the umaid bhawan palace in jodhpur. In addition to hotels & palaces are the havelis ( traditional mansions) Rajasthan is also very famous for its handicrafts all over the world.