Bharatpur Palace

Founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD bharatpur was carved out of a region named Mewar. Some say that the foundation of Bharatpur wad laid by a Jat chief Rustam and it was Suraj Mahal who captured the fort of Bharatpur from Rustam’s son and later built on the city in due course of time. 17th century onwards, Jats dominated Bharatpur. Maharaja Suraj Mahal, himself being a Jat played an important role in unifying all the Jats of the region. It was under his aegis that a number of places and forts sprung up in Bharatpur including the magnificent Deeg Palace
A convenient stop on the tourist route between Agra (56 km) and Jaipur (172 km), Bharatpur’s spectacular Keoladeo Ghana National Park is one of the best bird sanctuaries in the world. During the winter, the beautifully maintained park draws millions of migrating birds. Founded by Badan Singh in 1733 as a princely state, Bharatpur soon become known as home of the fierce armies of Suraj Mal. The Mughals recognized Bharatpur as autonomous and the area successfully resisted two attacks by the British before it was finally captured by Lord Combermere in 1826. It become part of Rajasthan after Independence

 General Information
 Total Area : 542.67 sq. km.
 Longitude : 79 0 45’E to 80 0 09E
 Latitude : 24 0 27N to 24 0 46N
 Rainfall : 1100 mm, average
 Temperature : Mean Minimum: 5 0 C, Mean Maximum 45 0 C
 Altitude :
211.2 metres (near Ken river,Compt. 228, Madla Range)
to 540 metres (a hillock near Talgaon, Compt. 1340, Panna Range)
 Geographical Landmarks :
The reserve is located on either sides of Ken river which flows from south to north through the Lower Vindhyan Formations within the park.