Here we present some facts and figures associated with malaysia.Read this article to know more about malaysia facts.
Location Between 2 and 7 north of the equator, Peninsula Malaysia is separated from the state of Sabah and Sarawak by South China Sea.
Climate Malaysia is fairly hot and humid all year around. With short intended showers almost daily. It has basically at tropical climate. The temperator ranging between 21° C and 33° C.
Goverment of Malaysia It is governed by parliamentary democracy that is supported by bicameral legislative system.
Area 329,758 sq. km.
  • 50% – Malay
  • 33% – Chinese
  • 09% – Indian
  • others
Population 26.67 million (jan’07)
Capital Kuala Lumpur.
Languages Bahasa Melagu (Malay) is their national language but English is widely spoken.
Time Eight hrs ahead of GMT and sixteen hrs ahead of US pacific standard time.
Malaysia Currency Malaysian Ringgit(RM)
Religion Islam is the official religion but all other religions are freely practised.
Prime Minister ABDULLAH Bin Ahmad Badawi