It is the capital of Malaysia and situated midway along the west coast of peninsular Malaysia and have the world cheapest five-star hotels, great shopping and even better food, temples and churches, discotheques, hotels and night clubs and not to miss its noisy crowded markets bursting with fresh fruits, vegetable and sea food. Kuala Lumpur is a fairly sprawling city for its size and its famous petron towers / twin towers. For many tourists the center of the city lies in the golden triangle-between jalan sultan ismail, jalan bukit binang, jalan pualu, jalan Tun Park and jalan anpang-here mod of the shopping malls, trendised high spot and five star hotels are situated Here we present some facts and figures associated with Kuala Lumpur.Read this article to know more about Kuala Lumpur and facts of Kuala Lumpur.
Laundry Federation of Malaysia
Full name of City Federal Territory of kuala Lumpur
Climate It has a tropical climate which makes the weather warm and pleasant all year around, with temperature between 28° C to 33° C. occasionally we can have the rain showers.
Geographic location 3° 10′ N and 101°42’E
Area 243 sq. kms
Population 1.5 million
Languages Bahasa Malaysia, English, conenoses, mandarin, Tamil, Punjabi
Religion Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Taoism.
Telephone Area Code ’03’
As you know Malaysia is famous for its mega sale. Similarly Kuala Lumpur is a shopping heaven. If you are looking for designer goods or local folk and this is the place. Folk are the areas which are famous for shopping in Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang Area:
Tthis is actually a street which is also known as “golden mile of Kuala Lumpur”. This place has transformed into a one of the busiest local/tourist hangout. This area for past 5 years has ultra-modern shopping complexes, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs; shopper’s/tourists have a choice among hundreds of shops. Among them famous shops are:

:- LOT 10
:- ImpI Plaza
:- Star hill

Petalling street:
This place is also Kuala Lumpur china tour. The street is long and situated in one of the busiest area in Kuala Lumpur. This place has a “Cheap” stuff. Among the stuff is you can have lots of fake designer stuff, perjures, clothes, shoes, bags, pens and watches. This place is famous for its hawker stalls for Chinese food to streets loaded with goodies.
For getting into this market take the putra LTR to the Pesar soni stop and walk over. It is also a short walk from the central bus station in the city.

Central market:
This is located in Jalan Hang Kasturi. It is few minutes from Petalling Street; central market was originally as a wet market. But after renovation places is known as “Pasar Seni” (Art Market). This has a good Malaysian traditional architectural structure inside and out. Many shops in tis heritage building have antique clocks, jewellery, gems, wood carvings, batik and peuteuware. You will also have a choice of novelty items like jade trees and blown glass souvenirs.

Masjid India:
It is also ‘little India’ that covers masjid India. This area enclosed with boundaries of Jalan Bunus and jalan tuanku abdul rahman. In this streets are lined up with majority of products such as Indian items (sues, sandalwood oil, bangles, silver anklets, gold jewellery, brassware and silver tableware) other items include religious materials, handicrafts, herbs and perfumed oils.

Swia Kuala Lumpur City Centre:
This is premier shopping destination located at kuala lumpur’s prestigious commercial address, the kuala Lumpur city centre (KLCC). It has a gala attraction for tourists to please and panper from needs of tourists, from fashion, entertainment art and culture to local delicacies and internatural garments. This is situated in the Kuala Lumpur’s heart of golden triangle. It has spacious centre court, 2 large departmental stores, 280 speuality stores and a no. of restaurants.

Mid valley Mega Mall: It is located along the federal highway betweem Kuala Lumpur and potaling jaya. This shopping heaven is said to be the longest shopping centre in asia which has a circumference of at least 5 km long. It has over 450 stores located throughout the 5.5 hour building. Opening has 10 a.m-10 p.m.

This gives you a middle-eastern feel filled with delightful eateries, quaint shops and exhibitions. For shoppers it is a bargain hunter and will love finds. It opens from 10 a.m – 7 p.m on weekdays and 10 a.m-9 p.m on weekends.

Bangsar Shopping Centre:
This is famous for its antiques, furniture, trendy shops, legend and classy restaurants abound in its centre. Tourists can enjoy a cup of coffee in a sidewalk and can enjoy seeing the world go by.

Kuala Lumpur Central:
It is located right outside the main train station. The Kuala Lumpur central park carnival has few stalls mushroomimg every time a festive season duaws near. As Kuala Lumpur has a multi-racial society. It has stalls all year round offering selection of clothing items, accessories and foodstuffs. You can observe the different cultures of Malaysia while shopping can enjoy a good bargain.

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