It means “land of lighting”. This state is in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. There are numerous things to do here. The people here have managed to keep alive the age old customs, and traditions. Kelawah is basically a malay state with 7% population is thai, Indian and Chinese ancestry with population around 1.4 million. Here people are famous for worth and hospitality. But it is strictly a Islamic state and visitors are advised to dress conservatively traditional arts like kite-flying, rebana (giant drums), silat (martial outs), giant top spinning, wayang kulit(shadow play) and much more. Kelawah can be access road, by train, by air.
Kelawah is famous for its food dishes such as ayan penick, nasi kerabu and nasi dagang. Restaurants around in KOTA BHARU and hawkers can be found in plenty selling snacks. Outdoors dining at food stalls is something not to be missed in Malaysia and tourist must try the food at padang BAS in the row which serves traditional delicacies from 6 p.m to mid night

Capital kota bahru
Location It covers a land area of about 14,922 sq. kms north east of Peninsular Malaysia facing the South China Sea. Malaysia covers approx. 336700 sq. kms comprising the peninsular and sabah and Sarawak on the island of borneo. kota bharu is the capital of Kelawah is the centre point responsible for the business activities and administration of kelawah
Climate Temperature between 21° –32°. It has a tropical climate throughout the year. Its wet season is east coast monsoon season from November to January
Area 14,922 sq. km
Official name Kelawah Darul Nain
Population 1.4 million (approximately)
Languages Bahasa melayu (Malay) but English is widely spoken. Other languages are Cantonese, mandarin and tamil
Religion Islam officially but other main religions are Malays, Chinese, Indian and Siamese.
Currency: ‘Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).

:- New central market
:- Bazaar bular kubu(bamboo fort bazaar)
:- Johor temenggong

Sight Seeing In Kelawah:

  • Gunung stong
  • River cruise and jungle trekking
  • Lasa beringin
  • Jeram lenang
  • Jeram pasu
  • Royal museum/istana batu
  • Istana johor
  • Bank kerapu-2nd war museum
  • Handicraft village and craft museum
  • Mendeka square
  • Kuala krai museum and mini zoo
  • Fishing village
  • Fishing village
  • Panai irana
  • Panai bisikar bayu
  • Panai sri tujuh
  • Panai ssabak