Here we present an article providing information on Facts about Dubai / UAE.Here we present some general facts about United Arab Emirates.
Location Dubai is located at the calm,blue waters of the southern gulf, flanked by majestic desert.Dubai
Climate Rainfall is not common.It has dry climate or in other words it has subtropical dry climate.June to sep. are too hot temp. 35° C – 42° C in midday and can rise upto 49° C during peak summer.But there is a sharp drop in night temperature falling to 20° C – 28° C.Mountains regions are cooler and less humid. Dec-March climate is balanced midday temp. 25° C – 35° C & can fall as low upto 9° C at night.
Area 32,000 sq. mts ( 82,880 sq km)
Population Around 2,602,713 (estd. 2006)
Capital Abu Dhabi
Languages Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu.
Monetary Unit UAE dirham.
Religion Islam 96% ( Sunni 80% and shiife 16%), christian, hindu and other 4%
President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayedal – Nahyan (2004)
National Name Al-Imaratal – ‘Arabiyah al-Muttahidah