Chail is located in the northern state of himachal Pradesh. Chail is popular for its seven eambiance in the lap of Himalayan is situated on an altitude of 2500feet from the sea level.chail is a small village near to Shimla and is surrounded by lush forests with a beautiful view of the snow-capped Himalayas. The area is spread cover over three hills, one is the palace on rajgarh hill, the residency snow view one occupied by British resident on pandhewa hill and the third one sadh tiba hill where chail is situated. Almost all mountains are covered with dense forest.

Chail is about 43km from shimla. Chail has biggest cricket ground in the world and it is surrounded by huge trees of deodar and pine.on the other side of this town Himalayan ranges are situated and everything is covered with snow. Just close to the cricket ground is a national park which has limited number of birds and deers.

 Some Facts About
: Altitude 2,150 m (7,054 ft)
: Languages Hindi, Himachali, Garhwali, English
: Best time to visit May-July and September-November
: STD Code 01792
In the year 1976 chail was declared as a wildlife was surrounded by deadar and oak is a very beautiful town and it is visited by many tourists.

Chail has biggest cricket ground in the was built in pitch is located at the height of 2144m also it is used as polo ground.ti is surrounded by huge trees of deodar and pine.

Chail was built on three hills.out of the three hills.out of the three one is the rajgarh hill,houses the palace of the maharaja and it was it was built in 1891.

There is a direct roadway to reach chail from just need to take a bus at kandaghat which is 29km from the chail.also,deluxe nad semi deluxe buses as well as cabs are available to reach chail from shimla,chandigarh and delhi are available.

Kalka is about 86km from chail and is the nearest railhead to reach chail.shimla is connected to many places by road like delhi,dehradun,kalka etc.chandigarh railway station is another option to reach chail.

The nearest airport from chail is jubbar hati airport which is 45km from shimla whereas chandigarh airport is 120km.

Winters are very cold heavy woolens are required whereas in summer light woolens and cotton utfits are required. Best time to visit chail is between may to july and September to November. Heavy woolens in winter i.e monkey caps, woolen socks, gloves etc (temperature sub zero to 10 C)