To the south of Majorda and north of Colva is the Utorda Beach, which has some resorts on the beachfront. A decided plus is the exotic seafood sold in local restaurants and beach shacks.You can take a auto from Dabolim airport to reach Utorda. Also, buses and taxis ply from Colva and other important places for Utorda and other places in this stretch.

While here you can visit Betalbatim village. Betalbatim’s name is derived from Devachaar (a Devachaar is not necessarily a demon, but a spirit that could be benevolent or malevolent) whose temple was at Fardo Vaddo before the entire village converted to Christianity in the 16th century. The Church Of Our Lady Of Remedios, built by the Jesuits in 1630, was reconstructed in 1807. There are some resorts in Utorda that offer good accommodation for visitors.